Friday, February 6, 2009

A short 3 months.

The sounds of scooters, donkey carts, and mobs of children flood into the open door of the small building in which I am sitting. The road a few feet away is bright red dirt, half eroded from the yearly rains. Most of the surrounding buildings don't have running water or electricity. Yet here I am, in a tiny internet cafe, writing on my blog. This can really be a strange world sometimes. My friend Lyn found this small place that has a half decent connection for 30 dalasis ($1.25) an hour. This means that I will be making more regular blog entries. Unfortunately, I left my notebook in my village, not expecting to find any high technology in the bustling, rustic trading center of Basse Santa Su. My thought out, well written (hopefully) entries will have to wait for a couple weeks, but here are some details about what's been happening-

I initially had no bed or furniture, but after a few bike rides, haggling, and a ride on a flat bed truck that was solved, and I borrowed a couple of tables from the local school.

I'm working with a local NGO on adult literacy and numeracy, as well as health topics and women's rights.

I have planted a garden which is sprouting, but is constantly under attack by grasshoppers and ants. I have newfound respect for organic farmers.

There is almost constant dancing, singing, and cultural events in my village, and I have been trying to record as much as I can.

I am doing well, after a brief bout with diarrhea and a fever.

I appreciate hearing from all of you, and thanks again for your thoughts, prayers, ideas, packages, letters and general support!



  1. Do you get to check you e-mail ever? I wanted to ask before just sending one so I know you get to read it.

  2. I hadn't checked this before we spoke on the phone because I thought you wouldn't have internet access. But I'm glad you will be able to update your blog at least a little regularly now!
    P.S. Your letter's in the mail :)