Monday, March 8, 2010

A Little Love From Africell

Hey everyone, sorry it's been so long since I've posted. I've had a lot of things happen in the last few months which kept my mind a bit too occupied for blogging. I will detail some of it in future posts. To break back into the swing of things I thought I would just put up something funny and mindless. One of the main cell phone carriers in the Gambia is Africell. They sell SIM cards that allow the owner to make phone calls using a system of towers in the country. When you turn on your phone with an Africell card inside, you are given a list of options on the Africell menu. Among more functional features such as checking your credit or calling customer service, there is a feature called "Love Quotes." This is a series of beautiful mini-poems which you can download for the mere price of one dalasi each and send to whomever you love dearest in this world. Here is a sampling of some of my favorites, in their full, unabridged, and uncorrected* glory:

In da morning I don't eat cuz I tink of u,
at noon I don't eat cuz I tink of u,
in da evening I don't eat cuz I tink of u,
at night I do not sleep cuz I am hungry.

Proposing u was my desire
having u is my jackpot
loving u is my attitude
pleasing u is my duty
missing u is my habit
kissing u is my wish
2gether 4eva my filfi

I believe that God above
created u for me to luv.
he picked you out
from all the rest
cos he knew id luv you the best!

like a fallen star u fell into my life.
u made me smile wen thingz werent rite..
if hugz were water id send u the sea
n sail away 4eva jus u n me.

I can't smile anymore, dnt worry about me,
I know what 2 do.
I'll just stare at 1 corner n think of yu.
No one else could make me happy
like d way yu do.

one day the moon said 2 me,
if ur lover makes u cry
why don't you leave ur lover..
i looked at the moon and replied
would u every leave ur sky?

(*Actually, this makes them look more professional, as I put them in stanzas as opposed to just mashing them together in a single text message.)


  1. The second one if probably my favorite !

  2. i love these. hahahaha. i don't sleep cuz I'm hungry! hahahaha